A new job with radical simplicity, data-driven recommendations and analytical precision

Our AI analyzes your skills and shows you how to adjust your profile to achieve your dream job. The Skill Coach provides clear advice for your professional development. You will only be suggested for perfect positions. Additionally, your Career Chat answers all your career-related questions.

Why Justmatch? Wtf?

Perfect Matches – That’s why Justmatch

Justmatch revolutionizes job searching with data-driven recommendations and precise analyses. Our AI identifies your development potential, showing you exactly where you can improve. With the Skill Coach, you receive tailored tips for your career. Our platform only suggests perfectly matching jobs, and the Career Chat is always available for all your career questions. This way, you can find your dream job quickly and efficiently.

Matching Engine

Our Matching Engine uses proprietary algorithms to precisely analyze your skills and job requirements. This way, you receive only the best job suggestions and efficiently find your perfect job.

AI Skill Coach

The Skill Coach provides tailored tips to optimize your profile, helping you find the perfect job that matches your requirements and skills.

AI Career Chat

The AI-powered Career Chat advises you on various career topics, offers valuable tips, and helps you make the best decisions for your professional path.

Quickly create profile

Create your candidate profile in record time: Our intuitive platform lets you quickly and easily set up your profile and get started right away.

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For you as a talent, Justmatch is completely free. And yet incredibly helpful. Download the app and get started right away.

What’s the cost?

Nothing, because looking for a job is already nerve-wracking enough

We don't sugarcoat things and only provide data so that we can connect you with the right jobs. With our algorithm.

And for companies?

Only the companies that post their jobs via Justmatch pay - we have to make a living from something. You can find more information about our price packages (only interesting for recruiters) here:

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AI-driven innovation in HR is a necessary change in today's job market. Tools like Justmatch connect talent with opportunities more efficiently and data-driven than ever before.
Anojen Ratnasingam
IT project manager & senior consultant, bridgingIT

Your Skill Coach is your personal advisor for profile optimization and targeted improvement of your skills to land the ideal job.

It’s our mission to revolutionize recruiting. Through radical simplicity, data-driven recommendations, and analytical precision, we promote the perfect match between talents and companies.

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The AI Career Chat offers support for all your career questions. With AI-based responses, you receive valuable tips to make the best decisions for your professional path.